Originally from Philadelphia, Stacy moved west in 1989, studying anthropology and art history at The Universities of Arizona and Washington. Being the child of artists and art dealers, Stacy was surrounded by art her entire life and was encouraged to be creative. Her entrepreneurial spirit emerged at a young age, starting when she was 5 years old she sold her silk screened tote bags at art fairs in Philadelphia. 

Today, Stacy continues to sell her wares. In addition to offering a variety of rug lines, Stacy also has her own. More than 19 years of experience in the rug world has enabled Stacy to determine which designs, scale and colors are successful. She encourages complete custom and collaboration with clients. Her design inspiration comes from extensive travel and her love of a variety of cultures. Stacy lived in Asia for two years, spent time exploring India and Nepal, the heart of carpet production. She also lived in Europe for 18 months where she spent a semester studying art history in Italy and exploring historic treasures in a variety of countries.

Stacy continues to travel the world to stay informed of industry trends and color forecasting. She is on the road every month, attending trade shows such as Salone del Mobile in Paris, Domotex in Germany and New York International Carpet Show. Whether checking in with factories in Nepal and India, or at our South American office in Cuenca, Ecuador she will have insights to share with clients and the design community. 

Stacy, working on a silk screen.